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Welcome to The Blood Works!
How we do Things

Daily Raids
Daily Raids such as Ice Crown Citadel, Vault of Archavon and Trial of the Crusader make sure that the members are getting their emblems. [More raids will be available when we grow in numbers, and also officers (They Host Raids)]

Daily Premade Battlegrounds
Daily Premade Battlegrounds with balanced power of low and high gs players to ensure the victory and also the honor needed by the lower level players

Daily Arena
Daily Arena hosted with multiple teams ensures no members are missing out of that desired weapon or armor.

Weekly Alliance Raids
Weekly attacks on Alliance Cities to complete the achievement: For the Horde make sure we all got those black war bears and also to prove to the Alliance who is the boss!

Helpful community
A helpful family community assisting each other with quests, game knowledge and more! Who says you cannot make a friend on the way, that's what guilds are all about.

Vault full of treasures
A guild vault full of all sorts of items such as materials, potions, prizes and more! [Obliviously not at moment but will be :D]

Free Trade within guild
With a free trade policy in our guild, players work together to outfit each other, make items, enchanting and lots more!

Exiles those we don't like
With a serious dislike of mean people like ninjas, racists, sexists, assholes (forgive my cursing) and others with a similar title. We remove and blacklist these type of people, so the community stays peaceful and friendly.

No Level requirement
With a no level requirement, players can join from the very beginning and level with the guild asking for help when needed.

No Gear Score requirement
With a no gear score requirement players can join when they have low gear and gear up with fellow guild members.

International Guild
Being an International guild we accept all people who walk the earth no matter what country they live in.

Custom events
This guild does custom events that reward prizes from the vault, these events are diverse and can always offer a good range of different challenges. Being open to new suggestions can mean that there is always a new event around the corner.

Open Invitation
Any member in the guild is allowed to invite people, this way we have a 24/7 active guild with people from all over the globe.
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The Bloody Aussie / Sep 25, 2011
We are looking for that person who loves to help people, share their knowledge and are just fun loving people that make excellent officers.

We hope that some of you in the guild are like this and would consider being an officer and help run the guild. This role helps manage stuff like events, raids, premades and things like that as well as guild recruitment and promotions.

If you would like to be an officer please post a comment and ill promote you.

The more the merrier, so we would like a couple of officers ;)