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Professor Putricide is a boss in the Plagueworks wing of the Icecrown Citadel raid. It requires high DPS and a lot of movement.


Mutated Slime - 50,000 yd range, Throws a vial of Mutated Slime, creating a puddle of slime at the targets location. Instant

Mutated Slime—Grows continuously, inflicting 4,388 to
4,612 damage every second until it is consumed by
another Mutated creature. Instant

Unstable Experiment - Professor Putricide begins to peform a wicked experiment on you all. 2.5 seconds cast

Choking Gas Bomb - Professor Putricide throws Gas Bombs around him, the Gas Bomb deals 5,363 to 5,637 damage every seconds and explodes for 15,600 to 16,400 damage after 20 seconds. Instant

Choking Gas - 50,000 yd range - Inflicts 4,388 to 4,612
damage and causes you to choke, reducing your chance to
hit by 75% for 10 seconds. Instant

Create Concoction - 50,000 yd range Professor Putricide is rifling through the lab table, searching for a powerful potion. 4 seconds cast

Guzzle Potions - 50,000 yd range - Professor Putricide starts to drink every potion on the table. 4 sec cast

Malleable Goo - 50,000 yd range Professor Putricide bounces a Malleable ball of Green Goo at the target, inflicting 14625 to 15375 damage and slowing attack and cast speed by 200% for 15 sec. Instant

Mutated Plague - 50,000 yd rang Inflicts damage every 3 seconds. Instant
During Phase 3, every 10 seconds Putricide puts one stack of this debuff on his target (= the tanks). Every 3 seconds, each Mutated Plague stack deals shadow damage to the whole raid according to the following list (10 player): 1-2 stacks ~500 dmg, 3 stacks ~1,200 dmg, 4 stacks ~2,900 dmg, 5 stacks ~7000 dmg. Each target affected by Mutated Plague deals this damage independently. Whenever a target with the debuff dies or loses his/her stack in any other way, Putricide will be healed for 300,000 per stack of debuff that target had (10 man).

Gas Cloud

Gaseous Bloat - 1,219 to 1281 dmg per stack, every 2 seconds, that the Gas Cloud has on the target. The Gas Cloud initially puts 10 passive stacks on the target and then strips away 1 stack per 2 seconds, meaning the target will take the most damage upon initial target of the Gas Cloud. If the Gas Cloud hits you it will expunge all of the remaining Gaseous Bloat stacks and harm all nearby allies. 3-second cast The total amount of damage done to you when the Gaseous Bloat reaches you can be shown in a sigma function, where k = the # of stacks left on you at the time it reaches you

Gaseous Bloat - The Gas Cloud is fixated on the player with Gaseous Bloat. If he catches him it will cause him to cast Expunge Gas, inflicting damage to nearby players based on how bloated the player is. Instant

Expunged Gas - 50,000 yd range The Gas Cloud's attack has expunged all of the gas from the target! Expunged Gas inflicts damage to all enemies based on the number of Gaseous Bloat stacks that were remaining on the target when they were attacked. Instant

Growing Ooze Puddle

Mutated Slime - The Mutated Slime grows continuously, inflicting 4,388 to 4,612 damage every second until it is consumed by another Mutated creature. Instant
Mutated Slime—Inflicts damage to targets in the Mutated Slime.

Volatile Ooze

Volatile Ooze - Adhesive 50,000 yd range The Volatile Ooze Adhesive bonds the target to the Volatile Ooze, inflicting 2,438 to 2,562 damage every second and rooting the target. The Volatile Ooze moves towards the target, exploding for 39,000 to 41,000 damage, split among all nearby targets. 3-second cast

Ooze Eruption - 50,000 yd range Inflicts 165,750 to 174,250 damage shared among nearby targets, knocking them back in all directions. Instant

Mutated Abomination

Eat Ooze - 40 yd range Eats nearby Mutated Slime decreasing the size of the pool, giving you 4 Ooze energy! Instant

Regurgitated Ooze - 50 yd range The Regurgitated Ooze has a surprising effect on the target, slowing its movement speed by 50% and dealing 6,338 to 6,662 damage every 2 seconds for 20 seconds. Instant

Mutated Slash - Melee range Inflicts 100% weapon damage instantly and reduces the target's resistance to physical damage by 4% for 20 sec. Stacks up to 5 times. Instant

Heroic Mode

Unbound Plague - 45 yd range—Inflicts damage every 1 sec, the damage is increased every second the Blight remains on you! If you get too near to a friendly target, you will transfer the Plague from you to them. Instant

Plague Sickness - 50,000 yd range Increases damage taken from Unbound Plague by 250%. Instant, lasts 1 minute

Ooze Variable - 50,000 yd range (25-player only) You have the Ooze Variable! You will be targeted with things that also have the Ooze trait and are unable to harm Gaseous creatures. Instant, lasts 1 minute

Gas Variable - 50,000 yd range (25-player only) You have the Gas Variable! You will be targeted with things that also have the Gas trait and are unable to harm Ooze creatures. Instant, lasts 1 minute


Two tanks are required, one of them drives the Abomination during Phases 1 and 2. In 25 player, a third tank is recommended (Phase 3 only). The encounter becomes easier with more DPS so no more than 2/5 (10/25 player) healers is fine. Putricide enrages 10 minutes after the pull.

Mutated Abomination

One player needs to drive a Mutated Abomination. Mutated Abomination is a disease debuff which must not be cleansed, it is gained by clicking on the table at which Putricide starts. If the Abominations dies, a new one can be obtained by clicking the table again. During the whole encounter, slime pools spawn randomly. During phases 1 and 2, the Abomination eats these to gain ooze power. Ooze power in turn is used to snare the adds which spawn.

In phase 3, the tank inside the Abomination must help tank Putricide, so slime pools start to accumulate and eventually kill the raid (soft enrage).


Phase One

This phase is all about add control. Alternately, a green and an orange add spawn from the green or orange tank respectively on each side of the room. It's essential to kill each add before the next one spawns. Putricide should be nuked only while no add is up. Since Putricide uses no dangerous AoE abilities, it's safe for the whole raid to stand close to him.

Initially, Putricide is tanked next to the Orange tank on the left side of the room. Not long after the pull, Putricide performs an "Unstable Experiment," which spawns a Volatile Ooze (green add) next to the green tank on the right side of the room. Ranged DPS should switch to it immediately and melee DPS should switch as soon as it is clear who it is targetting. The Volatile Ooze targets and roots a random player and moves towards its target; the Abomination pilot needs to snare it with Regurgitated Ooze. Upon reaching its target, the ooze explodes for 175,000 damage which is split between all players standing on top of the target. The explosion also knocks all affected players back a few yards. After the explosion, the Ooze acquires a new target and repeats the process. Positioning players in a group next to a wall can keep the explosions from knocking the characters too far apart.

After the Ooze is dead, Putricide and the whole raid should move next to the Green tank. The next Unstable Experiment spawns a Gas Cloud (orange add) next to the orange tank. The Gas Cloud follows a random player and applies Gaseous Bloat, a dot which requires a lot of healing. Gaseous Bloat starts with numerous stacks that decrease over time. Should the Gas Cloud reach its target while stacks still remain, the whole raid takes a large amount of damage, usually leading to a wipe. The target must kite the cloud around the room while everyone else kills it. The abomination pilot should also snare it. When the Gas Cloud spawns, ranged DPS should immediately begin nuking it down, while melee DPS should wait until the Gas Cloud's target is.

After this, the raid and Putricide move back to the Orange tank. The adds spawn alternately in a predictable manner.

It's highly desirable to have no add up at the start of Phase 2. For this reason it's a good idea to stop DPS at about 82% and finish off the existing add before pushing him into Phase 2 (in well behaved raids this should be automatic because nobody should damage the professor while an add is up anyways).

Phase 2

Putricide casts Tear Gas, which stuns the raid for 10 seconds during the phase change. Rogues can Vanish and Mages can use Invisibility before Putricide finishes casting. This allows them some extra DPS time. The fight remains basically the same, but Putricide gain two additional abilities: Choking Gas Bomb and Malleable Goo.

The Choking Gas Bombs are two flasks which he drops on the ground close to himself. They form an orange cloud on the floor and explode after 20 seconds, killing players within in a 10 yard radius. When he drops them, everybody must move away from the flasks.

Malleable Goo looks like a bouncing green slime ball. Putricide randomly targets and tosses 1/2 (10/25 player) goo balls to ranged targets. On impact each causes 20,000 AoE damage and slows attack/cast speeds by 200%. All players must move away from the impact points of the green bouncing balls.

Just like at the end of Phase 1, stopping DPS a few percentages before he goes into phase 3 to ensure that no adds are up is desirable.

Phase 3

Professor Putricide casts tear gas again and phases. As before Vanish and Invisibility allow extra DPS time. With good timing and a little luck, a Shaman can drop a [Fire Elemental Totem] that's not affected by the Tear Gas as well. This can also be used between Phase 1 and 2, but is more useful for Phase 3.

During Phase 3, adds stop spawning, but adds that are up do remain. Use all DPS cooldowns at the start of this phase. Malleable Goo, Choking Gas Bomb, and Slime Pools continue. The Abomination buff is removed and the person inside returns to normal form. This means that the slime pools accumulate and start growing. Phase 3 is a DPS race, Putricide must be killed in short order (about 80/120 seconds in 10/25 player).

Any remaining add must be killed immediately. Putricide stacks a debuff on his current tank every 10 seconds (Mutated Plague), which has a one-minute expiration timer. The debuff deals AoE damage to the whole raid. If it expires, is removed or somebody dies from it, Putricide gains a massive amount of health (300.000 health for each stack that the person had in 10 man). With two tanks, Tank #1 should tank it up to 2 stacks, then Tank #2 should tank it up to 2 stacks. After that, the tanks should taunt off each other per stack. With three tanks, each tank should initially get 2 stacks, and then to four stacks.

Putricide also stacks a buff on himself called Mutated Strength, causing him to do more damage over time.

In 25-player: In Phase 3, Mutated Plague triples in damage every stack, therefore three tanks are recommended.

Short Version

Phase 1: Ooze pools should be eaten by the Abomination pilot to gain resources and remove hazards. Alternating, an add spawns from the green and orange tanks. The abomination pilot must snare adds using 'Regurgitate ooze'. DPS must priority kill the adds. Ranged must stack on the target of the green add, while the orange add must be kited by its target. Only when no adds are up should you DPS Putricide. Stop near 80% HP to kill oozes, then proceed into Phase 2 with no adds up.

Phase 2: Continue Phase 1's add management. Choking Gas Bombs and Malleable Goo are dropped by/thrown at the raid. They should be dodged. Burn adds that remain before 35% and Phase 3.

Phase 3: Abomination disappears. Avoid slime pools. Adds cease, but Choking Gas and Malleable Goo remain. Burn remaining adds. Activate Heroism and other cooldowns now to avoid a soft enrage and keep this delicate phase short. Tanks need to rotate Mutated Plague to keep it as low as possible, avoiding raid damage - Tank A receives 2, B receives 2, then taunt off every stack (A2/B2/A3/B3/A4/B4 etc). DPS stay on Putricide while avoiding raid hazards (slime/goo/bombs). If not killed quickly, Putricide soft-enrages around 4 stacks of Mutated Plague (approx. 1m20s/80s) and also soft enrages off Mutated Strength if left long enough.

Heroic Mode

Professor Putricide gains Unbound Plague, which lasts 60 seconds. Unbound Plague deals increasing damage every second, killing players within approximately 15 seconds of being infected. It jumps to anyone within 3 yards, leaving a debuff called Plague Sickness every time, which increases damage taken from Unbound Plague by 300%, stacking infinitely.

Rather than casting Tear Gas on the raid on Heroic Difficulty to change phases, Professor Putricide instead debuffs half the raid with the Ooze Variable and half the raid with the Gas Variable in 25-player mode. He then spawns both a Volatile Ooze AND a Gas Cloud at the same time. Players may only attack targets matching their variable.

Overall Professor Putricide's Heroic Mode emphasizes an unforgiving raid environment as both Malleable Goo and Choking Gas cloud MUST be avoided to avoid the dps loss and to avoid putting strain on the healers. This is even moreso in Phase 3 when getting hit by either could spell a wipe, with dps being lost and healers being overtaxed.

In 10-player mode, there are no Variable debuffs, but he still spawns both a Volatile Ooze and a Gas Cloud at the same time instead of casting Tear Gas.

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