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Hello there, my name is Fox, I am a 31 year old man & I have been an avid gamer (daily) since I was 6 years old. I have lead Guilds/Clans/Factions/Groups since I was 12 years old. This gives me 20 full years of leadership experience. I have lead some of the biggest Guilds gaming has ever seen (at one time I lead an Alliance of 25 guilds, all having 50 members... That would be 1250 players for the mathematically challenged. In a little known game called 2moons aka Dekaron.)

Now I enjoy my time as a laid-back lackey, I am proud to be a minion & let the future generations take the lead. I'll help guide them as they need it, & throw a suggestion or two their way. However, unless asked upon or insisted to do so, I no longer have that craving for "Power" or to Lead. I am quite happy to just assist from afar.

I am a life long follower of Altruism & Bushido & Chivalry. Yes, I am a 100% Honest, Honorable & full of Integrity. Loyal to a fault, if someone deems me worthy of friendship, then I am their friend forever. I don't judge people unless they specifically ask to be judged. I accept everyone for who & what they are, regardless of Race, Creed, Sex, Color, Favorite way to eat Pizza.

To answer the inevitable question: "Why Fox, do you play Female Chars?" Well, I play 12 hours at a time some days, I would rather look at a nice backside, than to see a big burly man all day long. If I wanted to see that, I have a mirror. I assure you, I am big & burly lol. :)

Sibyllina - I wanted Sibylline, but of course it was taken. A Sibyl is a female prophet. It is like saying Nostradamus, but as a girl. I designed her to look like a Goth Girl, very dark & morbid. It tends to get me invited to parties/groups a lot. :)

/_Lyfia_\ - It is a Norse Viking name. Very old Runic. It literally means "To Heal Through Magic" As this is a Cleric, there is virtually no better name in existence. This has been my go-to cleric name since I started playing healers in all games that have them. I added the stuff onto the name on purpose.

Kronigore - Kron is his name, I refers to himself, & Gore is what he does to mobs. Also Crony means someones friend or best mate... Kroni is a phonetic play on words. This is my standard Tank name. Every tank that I have played over the last 15 years has been named this.

That is me basically. If you need to know something about me, ASK! I will answer ~almost~ any question.


P.S. My legal birth name is different. My parents changed it unofficially when I was 4 years old. So for nearly 28 years it has been Fox. I don't even respond to my 'real' name any more.